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We create a customized design and develop complete project features for our clients
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Design and Usability
Once we understand your needs it is time to get to the drafting board. We will be sharing our sketches and asking for your feedback and review at every stage.
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Once testing is done and bugs are fixed, transition takes the focus.
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Analysis and Prototype
Whether you have a clear specification or just a vague idea of what the website should look like we work with you to analyze and document the website functionality.
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Once the scope of the project is clear, prototypes are created and shared
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We build your website to be fast, secure and accessible through all the modern browsers and across devices. We leverage frameworks in order to expedite the development cycle.
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Websites undergo multiple phases of testing starting from individual code modules to assembled components to a complete functional test.
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Integrations and Configuration
At this point, we configure your website and perform additional testing. We configure any external services your website requires such as a payment processor.
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Go Live. Optimize
Our job doesn't end when your website goes live, we optimize your website for search engines and set up usage analytics. In addition, we run periodic security checks and backups.
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